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With an endless array of traditions and techniques, BBQ is appreciated and debated by millions. Here at Beachwood we like low and slow. All our meats are slow-smoked, dry rubbed, and succulently seasoned, allowing the true meat flavors to stand alone. That means no saucy coating. (Although we do oblige you with a variety of tableside sauces to choose from, if you so please.) We proudly make all our appetizers and entrees from scratch and prepared to order. Once in awhile it may take a little longer put the finishing touches on your food, but don’t forget – good things come to those who wait. So welcome to our table and get ready to enjoy our uncompromisingly tasty 'que.


Our rib bliss means meat that has hearty texture, and with a little tug, comes clean off the bone. We mix a smoky aroma with a special rub of not-so-subtle spices to create a perfect, caramelized crust. And once you dive in, don’t forget to admire those smoke rings: a thin, pink layer just under the surface, which technically means the smoke interacted with the water in the meat–but more commonly means–it’s a straight up, well-made rib.


Our pork is rubbed with our secret blend of spices, marinated for 24 hours, and slowly smoked for thirteen hours. Succulent and tender, our pork is always pulled by hand so we can make sure you get the best mix of those crusty outer portions and the juicy center pieces. Served North Carolina style, we recommend pairing the pulled pork with our Vinegar BBQ sauce, or as a sandwich on our homemade pretzel bun and topped with tangy coleslaw.


This cut of meat is from the breast or lower chest. Brisket is always placed in the smoker with the fat on the top so that it slowly melts as it cooks, naturally marinating the meat and keeping it moist. Slightly smoky, solid beef flavor, spicy rub crust, and thinly sliced with just a hint of fat. A cautionary tale: even the most well prepared brisket will dry out minutes after it’s sliced. Thus, eat it, and eat it fast. Sauce if you must.


You won't see us mopping your meats with BBQ sauce or using sauce as a marinade. In fact, you won't see any sauce on your plate. We believe good BBQ doesn't need sauce, and that’s what we do here – serve it dry. But if you’re feeling saucy, we've gone to great lengths to prepare a suitable spread: Sweet, Spicy, Mustard and Vinegar. If asked, "What sauce should I use," we'll often try and persuade you otherwise, but... c'est la vie.


22 rotating taps and one cask-conditioned beer have been hand-selected for your drinking pleasure. We take pride in serving rare and unique first-rate beers. That means special brews that not only enhance the food we serve, but also represent some of the finest beers locally and around the world. Based on the ten kegs we go through a week, we like to think we can convert anyone. But don't be surprised if you come in and don't see the beer you drank yesterday. When it's gone, dunzo. Adiós! You'll be lucky to have the same beer twice. (Increase the odds that Lady Luck shines upon you by visiting us more often.)


So that's our story. We like to think we teeter somewhere between tradition and innovation, crossing the line between BBQ that everyone knows and loves and new favorites that are waiting to be enjoyed. Happy eating and joyful drinking. Cheers!